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    13 support workers visiting 85 schools and a Head Office Team. We can access our emails and share our calendars everywhere even on our mobile phones knowing they are safe and secure - Google Apps & 6300ac work perfectly for us
    Germaine Mathews Partnership Development Manager South West Herts Partnership
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    "From initial enquiry, through to the end of the project, Anthony provided a personal, efficient and valuable service.

    Anthony discussed our requirements and identified the most appropriate solutions to our 'issues', some of these saved us thousands of pounds compared to other solutions proposed by Anthony's competitors.

    Anthony did exactly what he said he would, he provided a non disclosure agreement for our peace of mind, a comprehensive but easily understandable quotation and a straight forward implementation plan.
    We only had to provide minimal information to anthony and he did the rest, he even guided us on sourcing the information we had to provide to him.
    At each stage Anthony explained what he was doing, answered any questions to ensure we were confident in the continued use and administration of our system.

    The work was carried out efficiently and importantly for us, Anthony organised for the majority of the work to be carried out over a weekend to avoid business disruption during office hours.
    With any new system there were teething problems, which anthony addressed extremely quickly and even drove back to the office to ensure we were happy all was working correctly.

    Anthony has provided ongoing phone support and its clear from his approach that he not only cares about his business but ours too.

    I'm sure after this first project that Anthony will be our first port of call for any future IT related projects as we have the confidence in him to deliver what we need, when we need it.

    Thanks for your help Anthony" 
    Adam Redgrave Director Quantum Binders
  • image of Village Estates
    After upgrading to iPhones we could receive mail but could not send any. In fact even with the old phones nothing synchronised with the office. Anthony of 6300ac Ltd has changed all that. 
    By moving us to Google Apps over a weekend all our emails calendar and contacts were move to the cloud without any business downtime at all. Our emails have far less spam and we don't get viruses either. The phones work, I can even work from home or abroad if the computers are switched off in the office

    Neil Landau
    Village Estates
    Neil Landau Director Village Estates
  • image of Argentum Apothecary
    With the stress of launching a new business I found that 6300ac saved me an enormous headache by sorting out all our IT requirements. Their service was fast and efficient and I was amazed at how quickly they sorted out our emails and data management by providing us with a choice of IT options to suit our requirements.  When I have a problem they are only a call away and are quick to respond.  I would not hesitate to recommend 6300ac with their brilliant service and expertise. 
    Joy Isaacs CEO Argentum Apothecary
  • image of Niki Gorick Photography
    6300ac has provided my business, Niki Gorick Photography with tremendous IT Support since I started operations in 2001. They are readily available and have helped me with a wide variety of issues during the past decade. Anthony is easy to talk to and understands my business very well. 6300ac recently migrated my email system to Google Apps, which has proved excellent. Nothing is too much for them and I can recommend 6300ac without hesitation. 
    Niki Gorick Owner Niki Gorick Photography
  • image of HMS President

    When our old server crashed we were unprepared, backup had failed and we were virus infected. 63OOac recovered our emails and data and put them on the cloud [Google Apps] for us. Functionality is the same or better than before and we can all work remotely now.

    Since then we have peace of mind knowing that our work is safe, that we have no viruses and the level of spam is hugely reduced. But even better we saved £7k capital costs of a new server. Thanks Anthony and your team for such a speedy and efficient transition.

    Lee Wells CEO HMS President
  • image of Tarsh Lazare
    It’s now 18 months since 63OOac persuaded me to move the company’s e-mail and file storage into the ‘cloud’.  In less than a day, the job was done and all at Tarsh Lazare Marketing Recruitment is running smoothly.  Using Google Apps, our e-mail is accessible via Outlook everywhere and is stored safely for a minimal annual cost; far less than the cost of maintaining a server.  Our files – 1,000s of CVs and job profiles - are held securely in an easily accessible Dropbox, accessible in the office, at home, on our Blackberries and remotely via the web.  No back-up drives, no expensive hardware and all very efficient.  My thanks to Anthony at 6300ac who I know is always around if I need him. 
    Adam Tarsh Managing Director Tarsh Lazare
  • We estimate that by using 6300ac... we save about one man day a week

    Martin Williams Partner Hampson Williams
  • image of Laurence Leigh Residential
    Great knowledge with a personal service
    Elias Raymond Senior Sales Negotiator Laurence Leigh Residential
  • image of Braham Good

    Braham Good were looking at improving the way our computers were networked and we were particularly anxious to avoid the costs of installing a server based system.

    We were recommended to 63OOAC when Braham Good wanted to set up a network within our office coupled with the need to have full access to our emails, calendars, etc. 24/7 home and abroad, Anthony Conway at 63OOAC came up with the perfect solution with Google Apps for Business. It provides a seamless means of staying in touch with our clients and our clients with us whilst we’re out of the office. they suggested a cloud based solution on-line and off-line storage solution called Dropbox. Since its installation, it has transformed the way we work. It provides us with a parallel system wherever we may be working and more importantly, there’s no chance that any of our data can be lost.  Happy to recommend it to other business who are looking at alternatives to an expensive server based platform.

    Paul Gold Partner Braham Good
  • image of Beaver Travel

    We used Outlook Express as our mail client and were looking for a server solution. When Anthony suggested Google Apps and the lack of capital costs it looked appealing. When he added that we could incorporate our three different domains and hot desk this was the clincher.

    63OOac migrated all our mail and data over the weekend, all the staff are so happy with the huge reduction of spam and no viruses. Our part timers now collect their mail remotely and our service level to our clients is greatly improved. All our data can be accessed over the web and no-one can be blamed for not backing up their work.

    Gary Green MD Beaver Travel
  • image of Steene Associates

    Our server had been causing trouble for a few weeks and we really did not want the cost or disruption to the business and when Anthony suggested Google Apps it seemed like a “win win” situation.

    The mail migrated over the weekend and we were up and running first thing Monday morning.  We share our diary now and it even works on my iPhone!

    Jeremy Steene Director Steene Associates
  • image of Soho Clubs and Bars

    Anthony's IT consultancy 6300ac were employed by Soho Clubs and Bars and gave the company an excellent service in both expertise and reliability. They completely updated the internal and external systems improving the company's productivity three-fold
    They are now the consultants on the HMS President and have given the same excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending 6300ac to any company who are looking for a one-stop IT service.

    Guy Monkhouse Marketing Manager Soho Clubs and Bars
  • We have used Google Apps for several months now and have had no problems with viruses or spam.  Google Apps allows all employees to access and respond to e-mails at home and on the move, whether at home or abroad. Using Google Apps has allowed us to answer e-mails at any time rather than wait until we are back in the office.  I would definitely recommend it.

    Martin Lerner MD Beach Properties

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