Keeping Your Office Green: How to Be Efficient AND Environmentally-Friendly!

Choose energy-saving devices. Not energy-wasting ones.

Keeping Your Office Green: How to Be Efficient AND Environmentally-Friendly!

Unless you’re a member of the Amish community, you probably reap the benefits of modern technology on a daily basis – both at home and at the workplace.
And while developments in the tech world make business more efficient and our lives more enjoyable, there’s another crucial factor we need to take into consideration. The effect it’s having on the environment.
Yes.Recycling, reducing and reusing are all the rage at the moment. And for very good reason.
In order to help you and your business ‘keep it green’ when it comes to utilizing technology, we’ve put together some super practical tips for you to follow. The more of these you soak up and put into practice, the safer the world will be.
So pay attention!
Choose energy-saving devices. Not energy-wasting ones.
This will involve you actively selecting technology which is energy efficient. So check out the power consumption level of everything you purchase for yourself and your business.
You won’t have to search far and wide to find technology which fits the bill. We live in an environmentally-conscious world these days, and plenty of companies strive to create the most energy-efficient appliances possible. Just look out for them.
If possible, select office equipment with an ‘Energy Star’ label. This was first initiated in the US as a voluntary scheme, to let consumers know that the devices had met suitable energy efficient standards. A top notch initiative.
LCD monitors use roughly half the amount of energy as the older CRT style ones. Plus, of course, they look better. So use them.
Work remotely
As we all know, transportation is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and environmental damage. So try to keep it to a minimum.
Need to discuss a project with a client or partner? Then why not set up a computer-based video conference?
One of the amazing things that technology has done for us, is make the world smaller. Files can be shared easily using cloud-based systems and we can chat to people on distant shores, like we’re sitting face to face.
So before you rush off to buy that plane or train ticket, have a think about the alternative, environmentally-friendly options.
Do you really need to print that?
Paper comes from trees. And trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. Which you knew already, right?
Sothink about those rainforests in Brazil before you start printing out documents willy-nilly.
A paperless office might not be possible, but most of us are certainly guilty of unnecessary paper wastage. Try sending electronic invoices and contracts instead. And print on both sides of your sheets with a double-sided (or ‘duplex’) printer.
A few more handy tips

  1. Still using a screensaver? Don’t. It wastes unnecessary energy, so set your office computer monitors to turn off after a period of inactivity.
  2. Standby modes (for printers, computers etc) use much less energy than if you just leave them on.
  3. But standby modes do still use energy – so physically turn all your appliances off before leaving the office (or going to sleep).

At 6300ac we’re all about keeping it green.And that’s why, when we replace your company’s computers with brand-spanking new ones, we’ll make sure the old ones don’t just get dumped. As a free additional service, we’ll take them off your hands and either recycle them or give them away to charity.
Wondering what to do with all your old Windows XP computers (which will no longer be supported from April 2014!)?  Find out what we can do for you.
And if you have any energy-saving tips of your own – please pass your comment on to us now!

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