Windows XP Users! How Will You Cope With This Game-Changing News?

On April 8 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP.
image of Windows XP Users! How Will You Cope With This Game-Changing News?

Windows XP Users! How Will You Cope With This Game-Changing News?

For those of you still enjoying the rustic charm of the Windows XP operating system, you’re in for a nasty shock. So brace yourself.

On April 8 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP.

In their own words: “Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences”.

So what does that mean for you and your business?

You’ll no longer have technical assistance. There’ll no longer be automatic updates, security patches and service packs which help keep your PCs protected. And Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer be available for download.

This means that you’ll be missing out on all the latest and greatest apps and devices - as most of them won’t be compatible with Windows XP. More importantly, it means your PCs and all that precious data you have stored on them will become vulnerable to security risks, viruses, malicious malware and attacks from cyber-criminals.

For businesses, this has ‘disaster’ written all over it. And for personal users, it’s also very bad news.

What can you do to avoid this tragedy?

There are a few options. And we can help you with all of them...

1. Install a super strong anti-virus.

This will help you prevent the flaws in Windows XP from being exploited - and should keep your system running OK for a little while longer.

But it’s not a long term solution. Viruses are powerful these days and are getting worse. Without constant Windows XP updates and support, the threat to your computer system will only increase. And there’s a possibility that security companies will stop providing new versions of their anti-virus software which are compatible with Windows XP.

Why take the risk?

2. Move to the cloud

With all your businesses’ crucial data, files, programs and software in peril - the safest option for your business is to move everything to the cloud.

Cloud-computing is the way forward in 2014. Not only will your data be stored securely on powerful remote servers (preventing any kind of potential data loss in a disaster situation) it is also the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

We can help you move all your company data over to the cloud - quickly, easily and safely.

3. Replace your PCs - the green way!

So you’ve decided to move your essential data over to the cloud. What next?

Your company PCs will still of course be at risk. And increasingly so. The only thing left to do is replace them with brand new ones, running on a newer, fully-supported operating system.

Does that mean you’ll have to toss your old PCs into the bins out back?

No! At 6300ac, we are IT specialists who also have a thing for the environment. We work in the greenest way possible, at every chance.

With our PC replacement service - we’ll provide and fully install PCs for your entire company, and the old ones will either be recycled or donated to charity. Your choice.

So don’t give those cyber criminals a chance! Get planning today.

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