The 3 Biggest Benefits of Cloud-Computing for Estate Agents

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The 3 Biggest Benefits of Cloud-Computing for Estate Agents

Like many businesses these days, estate agencies are increasingly making the move towards the cloud. And rightfully so.

Because when it comes to cloud-computing, there are a whole heap of benefits to be reaped. Especially for estate agents.

And what exactly are these fantastic advantages (I hear you cry)? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out…

#1: Working on the move

As an estate agent, you spend most of your time darting around town from property to property – for evaluations or to set up viewings. And if you're not – you're just plain lazy.

For the hard workers among you - imagine having access to your desktop, CRM system and utilities while on the move – without having to come back to the office every time you need to grab some info, send an email or input some data. Sound amazing?

With an all-in-one cloud computing system, that’s exactly what you can do. With the simple use of your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

It really does make life for the estate agent a million times more efficient.

#2: Better cooperation. Better morale

Picture this scenario... A potential client calls through and asks to be put in touch with one of your sales staff, Roger – but Roger’s on his lunch break. So you take a message, jot it down on a post-it note and stick it to his desk.

But of course Roger’s desk gets swamped with files, letters and other bits and pieces that day – so he doesn’t notice the message. Or perhaps he sees it briefly but forgets about it.

In the meantime the client is snapped up by one of the many other cut-throat estate agents on the prowl for business. Roger loses a big deal. And it really grinds his gears.

This kind of prehistoric behavior is all too common in the estate agency world.

But with an all-in-one cloud-based estate agency system, it doesn’t need to be. Because everyone in the company can have quick, easy access to everything you want across lettings, sales and property management. Even if Roger’s on his lunch break, you’ll quickly be able to whip open any info in the system about that client and take things from there.

Getting results becomes more of a collaboration than a one man game. And this will certainly give your team morale a gigantic boost.

#3: Happier Customers

Easily accessing info from any department in your estate agency (which we talked about in the Roger scenario) is also going to make your customers happier. Much happier.

Why? Because thanks to an all-in-one cloud-based system, any member of staff can answer any customer’s question. And that is just gold.

There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than getting the hollow promise that someone will call you back – and having to play the waiting game – only to be forgotten about.

Yet in the busy world of estate agents, this is common practice.

But with a cloud-based system you can leave these primitive customs behind. Not only will it greatly improve your customer satisfaction, but it will also free up more staff time, require fewer call backs, and allow your team to focus on chasing new leads and growing your business.

And these are just the top 3 benefits. To discover even more, click here right now.


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