Cloud Computing: The Secret to a Cheap and Easy Disaster Recovery Plan

Moving to the cloud has a shed load of benefits
image of Cloud Computing: The Secret to a Cheap and Easy Disaster Recovery Plan

Many of which we've sung and danced about in our latest blog posts

And for those of you that have been keeping up with the cloud computing storm, you'll know that disaster recovery and business continuity are two massive advantages.


What is a disaster recovery plan?

A DRP is something that every savvy business owner should have up their sleeve. If your business is hit with some kind of tragic disaster which destroys all or part of your resources, you'll need a way to get back on your feet.

A way to keep your business going in spite of the tragedy. And to get your computing capabilities back to normal asap.

That's where a DRP comes into play.

How can cloud computing help?

With cloud computing, disaster recovery is a whole different ball game.

Why? Because your server, operating system, data, applications and patches will all be kept in a virtual server, far far away.

Which means? Having your data stored and saved in multiple locations off site will protect it from an office fire, hardware malfunction, crazy viruses, computer hackers or any other kind of business-ruining disaster.

Virtualization of your data can also cut down recovery times a whole lot more than with traditional disaster recovery methods. With conventional (non-cloud) techniques, before you can restore your data, servers have to be loaded with the OS and application software, as well as being patched to the last configuration used in production.

...All of which can be avoided if you've got everything stored in 'the cloud'.

Why should it be far, far away?

Good question. And the answer is: for extra safety and for extra fast recovery.

The disaster at hand might be some kind of regional crisis. Perhaps some extreme weather conditions which might affect your ability to recover your data locally.

Having it all stored on multiple servers in far away lands (ie, 'the cloud') will give you that extra protection.

Save yourself a heap of money too

Cloud computing
is also a game-changer when it comes to insurance premiums.

If you don't have all your data and software stored in-house, in expensive servers and hardware systems – then your premiums are going to be lower, and you're going to save yourself heaps of cash. It's as simple as that.

And for small or medium sized businesses who may well not have a comprehensive DRP set up, moving to the cloud is your simple solution to getting protected like the big boys.

You can copy your servers and data remotely, and fail everything over to your remote site in the case of a disaster. And by doing so, you'll have the same level of business continuity sophistication as a large, international corporation.

So... Be safe. Save money. And move to the cloud!


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