5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself before Moving To the Cloud

You’ve heard all the hype about cloud computing.
image of 5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself before Moving To the Cloud

You know it can save you a heap of money, allow your employees to collaborate more flexibly, and that it’s safer than using traditional in-house hard drives and servers. You’ve also been told that it’s a piece of cake to set up.
So, is that it then? Should you jump right onto the first cloud-service website you find and whack in your credit card details? Or are there any questions you should mull over before taking the plunge?
A savvy business person like you knows the answer. And that’s why you’re here. So as you read and absorb these 5 important questions, make sure you have a good old think along the way – and ask yourself each question in turn. 
In 5 minutes from now you’ll be ready and armed with the knowledge you need to take your business confidently into the cloud.
1. Which cloud-based services do you need?
There are so many cloud services out there, you need to consider which ones will really benefit your business. It could be full infrastructure hosting and application delivery or perhaps managed back up and disaster recovery services. You might want the full shebang or just a couple of simple services. 
But make sure you think long term. Picking a provider that offers all the services could be beneficial in the future – even if you want to start small. Just make sure from the very get-go that they’re able to suit your plans for growth.
2. How easy will it be to move your data to and from your provider’s cloud?
This is crucial. You want cloud-computing because it makes things easy and flexible, not hard and restrictive. Make sure you know where your data will be kept and that you can legally access it rapidly in any situation. Got it?
3.  What about costs and contracts?
This might seem obvious – but make sure you get to the heart of your provider’s pricing structure before you seal the deal. Some cloud-based service providers will charge hidden costs for extra storage, backup costs, network costs etc.
And when it comes to locking yourself into a contract, why not choose a pay-as-you-go option if you’re not 100% sure the provider can deliver what they promise? Just to be safe.
4. What security certificates do they have?
Keeping all your precious data safe and secure is fundamental. And you know that. So don’t be sucked in by any smooth-talking cloud service provider that can’t give you rock solid proof that yours will be fully secure. And by that, I mean official security certificates.
5. And when the s!*t hits the fan?
Sometimes things go wrong. Perhaps your service provider will buckle under economic pressure or maybe they just can’t cut the mustard and you want to change providers.
Whatever the case may be – make sure beforehand that you won’t be chained to any extortionate exit fees or penalty clauses.

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