Serious about Music? Then Treat Yourself to This Amazing Wireless SONOS Music System For Easter!

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image of Serious about Music? Then Treat Yourself to This Amazing Wireless SONOS Music System For Easter!

Easter is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re readily awaiting the festive fun, jolly music, Spring flowers, Easter eggs, parties, and time with your family

Easter is a time to splash out. A time to treat yourself and your family to some wonderful gifts.

After all, you’ve worked for it!

So for those of you who are serious about music – and want to reward your household with an extra special present this festive season  – you’re in luck.

SONOS Play is a wireless home music system which can play your tunes in up to 32 different rooms around the house (or office) at just the touch of a screen. No stereo cables. No amplifiers. No receivers. No remote controls. And definitely no need to walk around and fiddle with any ‘play’, ‘pause’ or ‘skip’ buttons.

Just select the songs on your smart phone, tablet or music player – and your amazing, versatile wireless SONOS speaker (or speakers) will give you rich, room-filling sound. Easy.

The perfect present for any music-loving family, don’t you think?

What’s so great about the SONOS music system then?

  • It’s a whole lot cheaper than a professional multi-room hard wired set-up - but better.

  • Did I mention it’s wireless? So there won’t be any messy wiring or channeling of your precious walls.

  • A piece of cake to set up and run.

  • The speakers are compact, powerful and versatile. You can fit them horizontally or vertically into pretty much any nook or cranny.

  • Stream your whole music library, music services or radio stations - effortlessly.

  • And if you’re serious about music – whack on your favourite songs simultaneously around the house. Or play a different one in each room. (Some smooth jazz in the toilet perhaps?)

  • Control all of this with a mere slide of your thumb – over the screen of any smart phone or tablet.

  • Store your music on up to 16 different computers, including Apple Mac’s and NAS servers. Just to be safe.

  • And for parties, why not put 2 SONOS speakers across the room and use them as left and right channel speakers? For that extra-powerful, awesome party sound.

  • It’s also the perfect sound system to install in office rooms. Because us workers need music too!

So how can you get your hands on this amazing system?

Well, that’s where we come in.

6300ac will provide you with the full SONOS sound system, including all the speakers you want, and install it all for you too. And because we’re feeling extra festive, we’ve got some great special offers on at the moment for a limited amount of lucky customers.

So click here now to grab the special offer of today – and enter promocode "mysonos" to join all those other serious music-lovers!

Enjoy your amazing sound system.

And Easter too.

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