The Bottom Line - £33 per user per annum

Why spend on servers when Google will provide them for you?
image of The Bottom Line - £33 per user per annum

Conventional computer systems requires expensive hardware, such as servers and tape backup systems.

Additionally, support for this hardware, such as next day warranties doesn't come cheap.

Furthermore, Peter de Haas, Online Strategy Manager for Microsoft Netherlands estimates that it costs £350 per user per annum for Microsoft exchange

By contast, cloud computing only costs £33 per user per annum.

Cloud computing requires absolutly no new hardware.

Additionally no extra money has to be spent on back-up's as all data is automatically backed-up onto the cloud (although of course you can choose to back-up client side if you desire!).

Remember Cloud computing gives you acess your documents and emails anywhere in the world on PC, Mac or Smarthphone, something conventional computing can only dream of.



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