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Challenges for Time Research Case Study

Healthcare companies use conferences not only to present their products, but also as venues for doing market research; research fieldwork done at a conference gives immediate results and therefore saves time and money. Time Research (TR) is a specialist in conference research worldwide, and anticipating growth in the year 2000, identified the following IT challenges:  

  1. The need to manage increasing volumes of data
  2. An antiquated (peer to peer) network that simply linked all office computers together yet didn’t centralise data
  3. No provision for the directors or staff to work from home
  4. IT without any formal support 
Further, it was clear to TR that at that time IT was not only an important business challenge, but also be increasingly challenging in the future. Whilst exploring various resolutions to its IT challenges, TR was referred to 6300ac by a business associate. 

Initial approach of 6300ac

At its first meeting with TR, 6300ac did an audit of TR’s IT and having also discussed the business’ objectives with the directors, identified the current and future limitations of the current IT system, and made the following recommendation: 
Install a new network that: 
a)   Centralised data storage via a server, that  
b)   Provided for offsite working, and
c)   Would accommodate new users and future growth 

Accepted by the board as the first step in an IT development process, the recommendation assured the team at TR could all access the same data and better work together not only in the office, but also work from home; it would also facilitate the Time Research team working better with colleagues at conferences anywhere in the world. 

Access from anywhere, anytime

The IT support offered by 6300ac includes frequent site visits, unlimited telephone support and also strategic advice. In this regard, the speedy collation of research data was increasingly becoming an important part of TR’s business, and therefore the UK office based team had to be able to work with colleagues working at conferences and vice versa, and therefore 6300ac: 

  1. Upgraded the local network to a virtual private network (VPN) that not only assured local communication, but also gave secure access from anywhere and at any time. 
  2. Advised on, and installed new software to automate the collation of research findings. 
TR was therefore able to save time and money and better compete in the growing healthcare business. 

Office moves, tenants & additional security

TR expanded its business to the point that new premises were needed and working closely TR team, 6300ac planned and implemented the move of the IT system to new offices, and installed additional IT security. 

To accommodate future expansion, the new offices were larger than needed, and therefore TR took the opportunity to let out the spare square footage to tenants. To secure the confidentiality TR’s data and files, 6300ac installed additional IT security to ensure the tenants had the discreet use of TR’s network without access to its data and files, and vice versa. 


Growing companies need more than well supported IT. Growth inevitably means new challenges, the need for new systems and processes, and therefore the need for advice from trusted partners, expert in disciplines unfamiliar to the management. In this regard, and over a period of 7 years, 6300ac has worked closely with Time Research providing day to day IT support and also strategic input to assure that IT is not an impediment to the expansion, and facilitates Time Research’s business.  

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