Capula Healthcare

(now) Oasis Medical Solutions

Capula Group was part a leading provider of Operational IT systems to the nuclear, power generation and utility markets. Capula Healthcare (CH) was a division of the group and provided leading IT services and solutions worldwide to public and healthcare markets. Services included implementations, business transformation, management consultancy, and technical & managed services; solutions including the Oasis electronic patient record solution (EPR) to public and private hospitals in the UK, South Africa and the Middle East. In 2003, Capula Group decided to divest itself of CH and therefore CH’s challenge was the planning and execution of:

 Transfering CH’s data from the parents (old) IT system

  1. Building a new and dedicated and secure CH IT system
  2. Relocating an NHS data connection from the old to the new IT system

CH already had considerable in house IT expertise, but the planning and execution of the above challenge was nevertheless significant. Central to the new build was the installation and maintenance of new servers, and during planning process, CH was referred to 6300ac by a business associate. 

Capula’s requirement for server support

The IT support offered by 6300ac includes frequent site visits, unlimited telephone support and also strategic advice. CH’s already considerable IT expertise, and resources meant it could deliver to itself many IT support functions. CH however felt its project teams should largely focus on client work and as this required maximum computer uptime, the only outside support needed was the servers comprising data and each project team’s work in progress; therefore, 6300ac was initially charged with: 

  • Working as part of the internal project team tasked with transferring data from Capula Group’s servers to CH’s new build IT system.
  • Designing a server support plan that met CH’s needs 

The server support plan

CH has multiple clients and project teams, and each is tasked with producing a client service or solution to a deadline. Further, and despite technical advances, servers nevertheless need regular maintenance and therefore in designing a server support plan for CH, 6300ac considered the following needs: 

  1. Server problems needed to be responded to immediately so that staff could quickly restart their work and meet previously agreed delivery times
  2. Regular maintenance had to be scheduled around current project work 

6300ac recognised the repair and maintenance of servers presented as many technical challenges as human ones, as a CH server breakdown needed: 

  1. 6300ac to immediately make available technicians, and
  2. CH project managers needed constant progress updates 

In offering the CH server support plan, 6300ac had to reorganise itself and assure it always had the additional specialised resources needed to meet CH’s project teams’ needs.  

Additional security and home working

CH projects are cutting edge and highly confidential, and therefore the project teams have to work within a regime of high security. As an additional task, 6300ac was asked to install and maintain a so called RSA security system that restricted IT system access only to those project team members that had the appropriate key ring size tag that constantly updates the passwords to the IT system. The task also included the maintenance of a VPN so that team members could choose to meet deadlines by securely working from home.   


CH is an unusual client as it already has high degrees of expertise in the field of IT, and therefore is a very discerning and informed audience for a server support contract. In winning the server support contract of CH, 6300ac distinguished itself as competent not just in terms of the technology, but also in terms of the people management skills needed for instance to negotiate the planning of downtime to perform server maintenance. Good service always requires a high level of human interaction, and whilst people skills are not often associated with technicians, 6300ac demonstrated at CH it can build and maintain the relationships needed to deliver a service to a complex organisation comprising multiple project teams all working to deadlines. 


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